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Welcome to Shoji Designs Inc. where craftsmanship and tradition are blended in the creation of shoji of the highest quality. We manufacture custom Japanese shoji screens using the finest materials and construction techniques. Our shoji screens combine the beauty of a traditional Japanese shoji screen with the durability and sizing necessary in a modern Western home.

With their large expanse of Japanese rice paper and finely finished woods, shoji screens are a wonderful complement to contemporary or traditional homes. Shoji screens were originally used in Japanese homes to separate the living space from the veranda (or porch), while allowing light through. A deep overhanging roof covered the veranda and sheltered the screens. A set of sliding wooden doors closed off the veranda from the outside and provided security at night. In modern homes the shoji screen doors would usually be behind a parallel set of sliding glass doors.

In the bedroom above, a wall of sliding shoji screen doors slips into a wall pocket, out of sight, for an unobstructed view of the Japanese garden outside. A photo of these screens nested in their wall pocket is included in our portfolio along with other shoji screen installations.

Edward Crowell has been a wood craftsman for decades. He completed a boat building apprenticeship and was lead carpenter in a cabinet shop that specialized in yacht interiors. He is also accomplished in the fine art of guitar building. After years of fine wood working experience he opened his own shop specializing in high-end custom furniture. A long time interest in Japanese art and antiques led to a focus on shoji screens, which are now the center of his shop's creative focus. Shoji Designs Inc is a family run business and ships custom-crafted shoji screens in the continental United States as well as to Hawaii and Canada.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you will consider us as your shoji maker.